Kalyani Nagar Restaurateurs in Pune Engage in Discussion with Residents, Commit to Complying with Noise Regulations

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Residents of Kalyani Nagar are in distress over constant violation of noise pollution norms as the restaurants in the area are giving sleepless nights to the citizens. The residents met the PMC Commissioner, Pune Police Commissioner, ample complaints logged into the local police stations regarding the same. 

But it was until the restaurants, pub owners who started acknowledging the concern. A meeting was held last week on Saturday, 24th June 2023, between the esteemed residents of Kalyani Nagar, Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) and the owners of Elrow Sandeep Sahastrabudhe and Sumit Choudhary. 

Meeting was attended by Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar Rachana Aggrawal, Jaffar Iqbal, residents Munir Vastani, Aaditya Patil, Sachin Agashe, Sumit Karnik, Monica, Manisha and Faisal. It was a significant gathering where concerns regarding noise pollution were addressed, and we are pleased to inform you that a favorable resolution has been reached.

Rachana Agarwal from Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar informed that the recent meeting with the Commissioner of Police and efforts of our MLA Sunil Tingre has definitely helped us  in getting our concerns noticed. Our meeting with Sandeep Sahastrabudhe has been fruitful and we are hoping that the sound remains in control and does not cross the permitted decibels. 

Though it took very long for the club owners to address the issue and get the soundproofing done which had earlier resulted in frustration amongst residents. 

Agarwal said, “During the meeting, the Director of Elrow Club and Unicorn House, Sandeep Sahastrabudhe and Sumit Choudhary took the opportunity to listen to the valid concerns voiced by our community members. They expressed their genuine commitment to ensuring a peaceful and harmonious coexistence between Elrow Club, Unicorn house and the surrounding residential area. They have apologised to the community for causing nuisance. Understanding the importance of a tranquil environment for the residents, they reassured us that steps will be taken to eliminate any nuisance caused by noise pollution.” 

In response to our concerns, the owners of Elrow, Unicorn made a substantial commitment. They assured us that the pub will strictly adhere to a closing time of 1.30 am, effectively minimizing any disturbance during the early morning hours. This decision reflects his dedication to maintaining a respectful balance between the vibrant energy of the pub and the serene atmosphere of our neighborhood.

It is a testament to the power of open dialogue and constructive engagement that such an agreement was reached. This positive outcome demonstrates the commitment of both the residents and the owners of Elrow, Unicorn house to foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation. Our collective voice has been heard, and this milestone serves as a reminder that together we can shape the future of our community.

Moving forward, it is essential for us to ensure that Sandeep and Sumit uphold their commitments. Residents will remain vigilant in addressing any concerns promptly and constructively. By nurturing this spirit of collaboration, we can forge a lasting bond that benefits everyone involved, Agarwal concluded. 

When Pune Pulse tried contacting the restaurateur Sandeep Sahastrabudhe he remained unavailable to comment on the issue. 

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