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Aryan Arora, a Class 10 student of Vibgyor high loves to solve the rubic cube puzzles, chess and science projects. Lockdown gave him enough time to explore his skills and knowledge in science.

His mother, Priyanka Arora, a DSK Garden Enclave resident shares his unique experiment. She said, “While Covid-19 has put all of us in tough situation but on the hind side it has also taught us a lot. We have seen significant involvement from children as well in terms of taking ownership of a few chores.” 
She further said, “ I have about 70-80 pots in our balcony and watering them everyday is quite a commitment. Aryan did water the plants very enthusiastically but he was wondering if there was a way to automate this whole thing and just monitor it from a smart phone. He along with his father explored and came across ‘Smart Irrigation System’ that could be utilized for the same.” Explaining further she said, “The ‘Smart Irrigation Kit’ was quite a good amount of work to install and make it functional. This task was assigned to Aryan which meant reading the manual, installing , connecting the pieces, configuring the system etc. He has been single handedly doing the task of watering the plants and happy with the system.” The system works in this way  Switch on the tap and stay back while the plants are being watered. It prevents wastage of water and there is no splashing of mud from the pots. It can be controlled (on/off) via Smart Phone using WiFi, even while you are away from home.