Keshav Nagar residents face water crisis, allege negligence from PMC

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Keshav Nagar: Residents of Keshav nagar are expressing frustration with the lack of access to adequate water supply and civic infrastructure. Since being included in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), citizens have been paying high taxes, including water taxes, but are still not receiving sufficient water supply.

Mahadev Kodre, former Deputy Sarpanch  of Keshav nagar, said, “PMC provides water tankers for households that do not receive water through taps. However, the water supply to housing societies is not adequate, leading them to purchase water tankers at a high cost.” In some cases, residents have reported that the “tanker mafia” is rampant in the area, with relatives of landowners supplying tankers to societies.

Sanjay Durgude, a resident of Keshavnagar, said, “The water issue has been ongoing for over a year, with low pressure and inadequate supply from the PMC. Despite complaints to the PMC, no permanent solution has been implemented.

Similarly, Ravindra Mhaske, another resident, “The water supplied is with low pressure and we get water every alternate day and have been facing the problem since one year. Earlier the population was less so the water supplied was enough and in one hour we used to get sufficient water. But now the population has increased though the supply of water is not increased therefore we face this problem.”

Aniruddha Pawaskar, from the Water Supply Department of the PMC, acknowledged that the merger of Keshavnagar into the PMC had resulted in a lack of proper infrastructure. “The village has been merged into Pune Municipal Corporation and despite this there are no proper infrastructure. Whereas the infrastructure made during Gram Panchayat and PMRDA is being used by PMC currently, therefore they are facing problem. PMC is working towards improving the infrastructure and accordingly the water supply will become adequate,” he said.

Mrunal Jadhav