Kharadi residents face issues due to mosquito windstorms

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In Kharadi, the aspiration of realizing dreams in the sky-reaching buildings within the Kharadi IT Park has encountered obstacles due to Mosquito windstorms due to which it has become impossible to open balcony doors. 

Residents are facing a lot of trouble from mosquitoes due to the increased water levels in the riverbed of Kharadi. Swarms of mosquitoes are seen flying high in the sky as if a storm is brewing. The river stretch, extending from Mundhwa Bridge to Kharadi Gaonthan, has experienced a surge in water levels. Pune Municipal Corporation initiated the water removal task just two days ago, given the severity of the situation. However, the urgency of this operation has heightened distress for Kharadi residents.

The mosquitoes swirling above the river have thwarted residents, preventing them from enjoying their balconies or allowing their children to play in the society garden. The plight of the elderly and children in Kharadi is disheartening. 

Alongside the small dam on the Mula-Mutha River, there is an ongoing project for water purification in this area. The construction of a new bridge connecting Kharadi has also commenced. The excess water is causing a slowdown in the river’s flow, leading to water settling on the surface and causing waterlogging.

Despite the Municipal Corporation’s attempt to initiate the tender process for water removal, the delay in execution has exacerbated the situation. The Kharadi riverfront, where ‘clouds of mosquitoes’ hover menacingly, has garnered citizens’ attention, who have captured its video and shared it on social media platforms, underscoring the urgency of addressing this crisis. 

All citizens are holding the Pune Municipal Corporation accountable for not promptly tackling this situation.

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