“Kisi Ke Baap Ki Industry Nahi Hai”, Vidya Balan Takes a Stand Against Nepotism

"Kisi Ke Baap Ki Industry Nahi Hai", Vidya Balan Takes a Stand Against Nepotism

"Kisi Ke Baap Ki Industry Nahi Hai", Vidya Balan Takes a Stand Against Nepotism

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In anticipation of her upcoming film Do Aur Do Pyaar, Vidya Balan is engaged in preparations while also reflecting on her journey in the film industry. Alongside actor Pratik Gandhi, she participated in a candid conversation during the inaugural session of Indian Express Expresso, shedding light on their experiences of overcoming setbacks, facing labels of being ‘jinxed,’ and enduring what they described as a ‘witch hunt’ before attaining success.

Vidya Balan, known for her candidness, also touched upon the ongoing debate surrounding nepotism in Bollywood. She emphasized her stance by stating, “Nepotism or no nepotism, I am here. Kisi ki baap ki industry nahi hai, nahi toh har baap ka beta, har baap ki beti successful hote” (The film industry doesn’t belong to anybody’s father; otherwise, all the star kids would have been successful).

Reflecting on her own struggles, Vidya recounted the challenging phase she faced early in her career, describing it as a “witch hunt.” She revealed, “I was going through heartbreak for three years. That feeling of rejection was so strong and it was devastating. I was shattered and my will to continue on this path was shaken. But I have to say that the fire in my belly outshone everything else.”

Pratik Gandhi, acclaimed for his portrayal in Scam 92: The Harshad Mehta Story, shared insights into his journey to success. Having relocated from Surat to Mumbai, he recounted the challenges he faced. “TV rejected me outright. All the auditions that I gave… I got rejected. Their idea of an actor for a television show was a little different. My appearance didn’t work for them. They were looking for a certain kind of physique, skin colour, and look,” he disclosed, highlighting the industry’s often narrow standards.

The conversation not only provided glimpses into the personal struggles of these acclaimed actors but also underscored the resilience and determination required to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry.