Kunal Icon Road residents demand better roads, infrastructure

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Pune: A meeting was organized to discuss various aspects related to development of Kunal Icon Road in Pimple Saudagar demanding proper road, proper planning of infrastructure and implementation.  Despite being a part of the Smart City project of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Pimple Saudagar is seeing a slow pace of development. 

Speaking on the issues, John D’Souza, a resident of Kunal Icon Road, Pimple Saudagar said, “ In some parts,  the road is not wide. The road remodelling plan is 18m wide,  which is not possible as it is approximately 12m wide. So, where is the proper planning for this? Another point in the plan is that out of those 12 odd meters, 2.8m are going to be given for footpaths on both sides, 1.5m for vehicle parking on both sides and 1.2m for a cycling track on both sides. Thus, now, only around 7 meters of motorable road remains. Nowadays,  a lot of big vehicles like cars, and trucks pass through the area along with small vehicles. So, if already around 5m of the road is reduced, then where will be the space for all the vehicles to travel on? Where is that planning?”

He further added, “The drainage pipelines and the stormwater pipelines should be connected in such a manner that even if there is a new construction in the area in future, these pipelines will not be affected.”

Kiran Vadgama who was present on behalf of Pimpri Chinchwad Cooperative Housing Society Federation said, “This proposed plan of widening the road by 18m is only going to welcome traffic congestions & road accidents as the road is only approximately 12m wide. Firstly, if you allocate 2.8m for foot paths on both sides, 1.5m for vehicle parking on both sides and 1.2m for a cycling track on both sides, then where is the space for easy & safe commuting on the roads? You can only beautify the road as it has very little space. It is like the planners have indirectly told us that we are going to implement this. You have to live with it forever.”

More key points were discussed:

  • Better lighting 
  • Beautification of the roads
  • Rainwater harvesting should be done on the stormwater drains that will be laid down

Shreyas Vange