Lalit Patil Case: Appointment of Dr Sanjeev Thakur Cancelled 

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Lalit Patil Case Reveals Plans for Drug Manufacturing Factory in Pune

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The High Court gave the decision to remove Dr Sanjeev Thakur from the post of Dean on Friday. So, after canceling the appointment of Dr Thakur, Dr Vinayak Kale’s way of getting appointed as the Dean of the Medical College is clear now.

Earlier, due to administrative reasons, Dr Kale was hastily transferred from this post. It was mentioned in the transfer order that Dr Kale should be appointed as Director of Maharashtra Mental Health Institute. So, on the vacant post, Dr Thakur was appointed nine months ago. At that time, Dr Thakur was working as a director in Vaishampayan Medical College, Solapur. He was entrusted with the post of the Dean of B J Medical College.

Against this appointment, Dr Kale had appealed to the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (MAT). The decision was given in favor of Dr Kale by MAT. However, against this verdict, Dr Thakur had filed a petition in the High Court, the result of which was also ruled against Dr Thakur.

Lalit Patil, the main mastermind of drug trafficking, escaped from Sassoon Hospital on October 2. It was Dr Thakur who was treating him. He was scheduled to undergo surgery the day after he escaped. However, the question was asked that why the patient, who was admitted for three months, was not operated.

So, Dr Thakur was embroiled in controversy in this case. Meanwhile, the High Court has given this verdict. So, when will the confidential report of the Sassoon Hospital Inquiry Committee be revealed, what action will be taken against the culprits is left to see.

Shreyas Vange

(Source – Sakal)