Lok Sabha Election : Maharashtra Government Declares Paid Leave on Election Day to Increase Voter Turnout

Pune District Voter List Swells to 82.92 Lakh

Pune District Voter List Swells to 82.92 Lakh

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In a bid to ensure maximum participation in the upcoming elections, the Maharashtra government has announced a day of paid leave for all employees within the state on the day of polling. This move aims to encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right by casting their votes.

Maharashtra is gearing up for elections scheduled in five phases, with two phases slated for this month and the remaining three in May. Consequently, all institutions and establishments under the purview of the Labour and Industries Ministry are mandated to comply with this directive, except in cases involving special and essential services.

The decision stems from past observations where establishments failed to grant leave to their employees, resulting in lower voter turnout. Recognizing that the power to vote is a fundamental right of every citizen, the state government has issued a circular through the Industries and Labour Department, directing all institutions to provide paid leave and arrange for a three-hour gap for employees on special or essential duties.

By ensuring that employees have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process without hindrance, the government aims to bolster voter turnout and strengthen democratic engagement across the state.

As Maharashtra prepares for the upcoming elections, this proactive measure underscores the importance of civic participation and underscores the government’s commitment to promoting a vibrant democracy.