Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: Now Available at Movie Theatres in These Cities

Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: Now Available at Movie Theatres in These Cities

Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: Now Available at Movie Theatres in These Cities

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In an unprecedented move, movie theatres in Maharashtra, including MovieMax theatre in Nagpur, will screen the live coverage of the Lok Sabha Election Results 2024. This initiative allows citizens to watch the election results unfold on the big screen, offering a unique blend of political engagement and entertainment.

The final phase of the Lok Sabha Elections concludes on Saturday, June 1, with the results scheduled to be declared on Tuesday, June 4. 

The counting of votes will commence at 8 AM on June 4, and the results will be broadcast throughout the day. While news channels and social media platforms like YouTube will provide live coverage, the theatre screenings present an innovative way for the public to engage with the electoral process.

Key Details:

The election results will be screened live starting at 8 AM on June 4 at various movie theatres in Maharashtra.

Ticket Pricing: In Nagpur’s MovieMax theatre, the most expensive recliner seats, priced at Rs 149, have already been fully booked. However, tickets for Prime Plus, Prime, and Classic seats are still available at Rs 99.

Public Reaction: Netizens have reacted with a mix of amusement and enthusiasm. 

Comments on social media highlight the novelty of this experience, with some joking about their family’s reaction and others appreciating the idea, especially considering the current hot weather.

In response to the post, a user jokingly claimed that their father would go crazy after watching this

A comment suggested that watching the election results in theatre is a good idea, especially in this hot weather

One user said, “This shows how they are struggling with lack of good content.”

This initiative not only caters to the growing public interest in election results but also leverages the communal atmosphere of a theatre to enhance the viewing experience. The screenings are expected to draw significant attention, transforming a typically solitary activity into a communal event.

Details of Shows: 

In Mumbai, SM5 Kalyan, and MovieMax chain of theatres in Sion, Kanjurmarg, Eternity Mall Thane, Wonder Mall in Thane, and Mira Road area will screen the general election results.

The six-hour screening will start at 9 am, with prices ranging from â‚¹99 to â‚¹300. In other Maharashtra cities, screening will be held in MovieMax in Amanora (Pune), The Zone, College Road (Nashik), and MovieMax Eternity Nagar (Nagpur)


As the final votes are counted and the results announced, citizens have an opportunity to witness the unfolding political landscape in a new and engaging setting.