Maha co-op dept issues orders of resolving housing society online complaints within 2 months

Maha co-op dept issues orders of resolving housing society online complaints within 2 months

Maha co-op dept issues orders of resolving housing society online complaints within 2 months (Representational Image )

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The Maharashtra Cooperation and Registrar (Cooperative Societies) department has ordered deputy registrars to resolve all online complaints made by citizens within 2 months.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Digambar Hausare, Deputy Registrar, Pune 40 said, “We have got detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outlined by the Maharashtra Co-operation Department about resolving all online complaints, made by citizens, within 2 months. The complaint resolving has been going on for a long time. As soon as we receive the online complaints, we immediately start taking action. Around 100-odd online complaints have been made by citizens in the area under my purview. Out of these, already 80 to 85 complaints have been resolved. The rest will be resolved soon.”

The online complaint portal Sahakar Samvad was launched in October of last year to make it easier for society members to file complaints online. There are currently 23 different categories of issues listed on the portal, and the department has received approximately 1,700 complaints so far, of which 1,104 have been resolved.

Although the online portal is beneficial for society residents, according to an official from the Cooperation and Registrar (Cooperative Societies) department, deputy registrars needed the SOP to process complaints quickly.

Charuhas Kulkarni, Chairman, Pune District Cooperative Housing Societies Federation, Pimple Saudagar Branch said, “The residents in housing societies will definitely benefit from this as they don’t have to go to the registrar’s office to register complaints. There are different types of complaints that are resolved at different institutions. Some complaints get resolved by the management committee of a society. If the management committee cannot resolve the complaints if there is a grievances committee of the society, the complaints are transferred there. Some complaints can be resolved with the deputy registrar. Some complaints can only be resolved in court. Now, about the complaints of the deputy registrar level, earlier people had to go to the deputy registrar’s office to register a complaint. Also, the deputy registrar doesn’t have only one type of role i.e. only of resolving society members’ complaints. So, through this online complaint portal, they will feel that complaint resolution of society members is of the utmost importance. So, they will act accordingly as if a particular complaint isn’t resolved, it will reflect on the portal for which they could be held accountable.”

Charuhas Kulkarni further said, “The portal has been developed & is active with the active participation of Maharashtra State Co-operative Housing Societies Federation & various District-level Cooperative Housing Societies Federations of Maharashtra like Pune, Mumbai, Thane.”

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