New Pune Police Commissioner’s focus on 7-point programme including helmet rule; Know more

Amitesh Kumar : Pune city's new CP aims of surgical strike against illegal businesses

Amitesh Kumar : Pune city's new CP aims of surgical strike against illegal businesses

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Amitesh Kumar, the recently appointed commissioner of police for Pune City, declared that he would enforce the helmet law for two-wheeler riders based on evidence-based implementation.

Kumar is an officer in the 1995 IPS batch. Before moving to Pune, he served as the commissioner of police for Nagpur. He declared that his main focus would be on putting into action a seven-point programme that would include visible and fundamental law enforcement, upholding order, managing traffic concerns, providing VIP security, protecting the community’s most vulnerable members—women and children in particular—fighting cybercrimes, and controlling offenses related to drugs.

According to Amitesh Kumar, it is legally required for two-wheeler riders to wear helmets, and for four-wheeler riders to wear seat belts. The citizens must follow the rules and they must be put into action. When someone rides without a helmet, they will take evidence-based action against them. It is essential to have in place a strong deterrence to break the law. They will also hold campaigns to raise awareness for this.

According to Kumar, there will be severe consequences for driving on the wrong side of the road, triple-seat riding, and other violations. They will make sure to focus on traffic decongestion strategies at various locations where complaints are frequently made. Such bottlenecks will be cleared.

When asked what his top priorities are, Kumar responded that Pune is a big city. He is awaiting data such as crime figures and other pertinent information. He will, however, place a strong emphasis on visible and fundamental policing. After that, he will concentrate on upholding law and order, stopping and identifying criminal activity, managing traffic, providing VIP security, protecting women and children, cybercrimes, and financial offenses.

Given that both the general and assembly elections are taking place this year, Kumar was asked how tough the task of leading a new city would be. He responded that it would undoubtedly be difficult for the entire police force. They anticipate that there will be constant movement of VIPs. He thinks that the secret to overcoming obstacles is preparation.

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