Maha govt to destroy Rs 3 crore stamp papers

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The Inspector General of Registration (IGR) announced on November 3 that the Maharashtra government has approved the destruction of stamp papers valued at Rs 3,047 crore that are out-of-date and not in use.

The government has decided to discontinue the old stamps for the first time.

The Finance Department has approved the bulk disposal, and the Stamp and Registration Department has asked permission to destroy these stamps in light of the State government’s promotion of the online and franking systems.

Officials state that the stamps have a total value of ₹3047 crore, with the price of the stamps being worth Rs 3039 crore and the printing cost being Rs 7.53 crore.

The district additional register and treasury officer will lead the committee that the government has designated for this purpose.

The officials have clarified that a specific procedure has been laid out for the destruction of obsolete stamps, as this is the first time that they are being destroyed. 

Additionally, the government has given all the officers instructions not to alter the system that destroys anything. Afterwards, it would be sliced into tiny pieces and burned.

Given the possibility of these stamps being misused, the government has warned that harsh action will be taken in such instances. Even the government will investigate any criminal activity involving these workers.

The department responsible for stamps and registration will closely monitor the process and take appropriate action against those found guilty.

Shreyas Vange

(Source – HT)