Maharashtra govt institutions owe PCB around Rs 80 crore for unpaid property tax

Pune Municipal Corporation Adds 53,000 Properties to Tax Ambit, Aims for Revenue Boost

Pune Municipal Corporation Adds 53,000 Properties to Tax Ambit, Aims for Revenue Boost

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Government organizations like the Public Works Department (PWD) and other state government offices are the ones who have defaulted on the property tax payments to the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) for the last three years.

The PCB is owed more than Rs 79.75 crore by government defaulters collectively, which includes the police commissioner’s bungalow, the bungalow of the chief of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the collector’s residence, the cantonment police station and its four chowkis, the divisional commissioner’s bungalow, the Meter House for Khadki water supply, the telecommunications department, the post and air department, the TDS building, and other PWD-managed properties.

The PCB claims that while some of these properties are situated on B1 land, the majority of these properties are on B2 land.

Property taxes have been computed in accordance with guidelines issued by the Defence Estates Office and federal government regulations. The PCB claims that the district collector’s home owes Rs 2.46 crore, the police commissioner’s bungalow owes Rs 9.63 crore, and the CID chief’s bungalow owes Rs 2.39 crore. Thirty-one state government properties have been flagged by the PCB as property tax defaulters.

Owing to the state government’s failure to pay GST obligations totalling ₹600 crore, the PCB has been experiencing the worst financial crisis in its history since 2017. The board claims that a lack of funding has caused several projects to stall.

A ₹16 crore commercial complex at Dhobi Ghat, staff quarters, a ₹24 crore multilevel parking facility, ₹10 crore for water supply line replacement, and ₹10 crore for garden beautification are among the projects impacted. To make up for its dire financial situation, the PCB is considering leasing two of its premier properties, Golibar Maidan and Dhobi Ghat, for 99 years.