Maharashtra : Pothole Redressal System Scheduled to Operate Starting September 1

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The upcoming launch of the Pothole Complaints Redressal System (PCRS) app by the Public Works Department (PWD) promises to revolutionize the process of addressing road potholes. The department has diligently ironed out all glitches in the app, ensuring its operational efficiency when it becomes available on September 1.

A senior official from the state PWD Department has confirmed that the PCRS app will enable citizens to promptly register their pothole-related grievances. In a remarkable step toward efficiency, the registered complaints will be processed and resolved within a commendable time frame of four days. In the event of any delays beyond the stipulated period, consequences in the form of penalties will be imposed upon both the responsible contractor and the field officers involved.

Encompassing a sprawling road network spanning approximately 1.05,000 km, including pivotal county roads and state highways, the PWD department is primed to bring substantial relief to commuters grappling with pothole-ridden thoroughfares.

Instructions for App Installation and Usage:

To harness the benefits of the PCRS PWD app, users are required to perform the following steps:

Download and install the PCRS PWD app from platforms like Google Play Store or App Store.
Enter the mobile number associated with the account.
A one-time password will be dispatched via SMS for verification.

Upon successful installation, users can log complaints regarding potholes by simply clicking the “register feedback” button within the app interface. The app will automatically utilize mobile GPS data to pinpoint the user’s present location. Subsequently, users can employ the integrated camera feature within the PCRS app to capture and submit photographic evidence of the pothole, along with accompanying comments.

Notably, the development of the app was initiated ahead of the monsoon season. However, the PWD conducted thorough testing for over two months in response to citizen feedback about difficulties encountered while attempting to upload pothole images.

The PWD Department‘s Role:

Once a complaint is successfully registered via the app, the software will promptly identify the specific road segment, corresponding administrative taluka, and the relevant PWD field officials responsible for the area. A confirmation SMS will be dispatched to the complainant, containing a unique complaint number. Subsequently, the junior engineer at the respective PWD field office will take immediate action to address the reported pothole issue, responding to the complainant via the app within a window of 72 hours. The field deputy civil engineer will oversee the reply, ensuring its accuracy, and subsequently provide the complainant with a comprehensive compliance report.

This pioneering initiative by the PWD Department is set to empower citizens, enhance accountability, and substantially improve the efficiency of pothole repairs, ultimately contributing to safer and smoother roads across the region.

Shreyas Vange