Major Accident in Khandala: One Dead, Two Injured as Pickup Truck Gets Trapped Under Container on Mumbai-Pune Highway

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Khandala, 24 June 2023: A horrifying incident unfolded this morning on the Mumbai-Pune National Highway at Anda Point in the Khandala Ghat, resulting in a fatal accident that claimed the life of one person and left two others injured.

The calamity occurred when a speeding container collided with two pickup tempos, causing the container to overturn and land on one of the pickups, leading to the immediate death of its driver. Shockingly, among the injured victims is a young schoolboy.

Preliminary reports suggest that the container was traveling at a high velocity from Lonavala towards Mumbai. However, while navigating the slope and curve at Anda Point, the driver lost control of the vehicle, resulting in the collision with the pickup tempos and the subsequent overturning of the container. Tragically, one of the pickup trucks became trapped underneath the heavy container.

Swift action was taken by the efficient response teams of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation and a dedicated social organization in Khopoli, known for assisting accident victims. The injured individuals were promptly rescued and transported to a nearby medical facility for urgent treatment.

The Borghat Police, Khopoli Police, and IRB were among the authorities that swiftly responded to the scene of the accident upon receiving the distress call. Currently, efforts are underway in the Khandala area to extricate the trapped driver and remove the pickup vehicle from beneath the container, with the assistance of a crane.