Pune: 41 Housing Projects Apply for Cancellation of Registration From Maharera. Know the details here.

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Pune, June 24, 2023: The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharera) has received requests for cancellation from 41 housing projects in Pune. Maharera had introduced a policy allowing the cancellation of non-viable projects, and the number of proposals for cancellation in Pune has steadily risen from 39 in May to the current count of 41. The complete list of these projects can be found on the Maharera website.

The total number of projects seeking cancellation across the state was initially 88, but with 19 new proposals, the count has now reached 107. Maharera has extended the deadline for objections against these projects by 15 days, encouraging individuals to submit their concerns to [email protected].

Out of the 107 projects, 41 are located in Pune, and the remaining are spread across various regions in Maharashtra. These projects face challenges such as lack of funds, financial unviability, legal disputes, family conflicts, or new government regulations. In cases where projects have multiple phases, cancellation may be required for specific stages, necessitating consent from 2/3 of the allottees.

If a project seeking cancellation has outstanding registration dues, settlement of the dues is required, and the concerned parties must not object to the cancellation. Supporting documents should be provided for thorough scrutiny.

Considering the inability to complete these projects, maintaining their registration with Maharera is not beneficial for developers or stakeholders. Maharera aims to cancel the registration of these projects while protecting consumer interests and has allowed an additional 15-day period for objections.

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