Married Person In A Live In Relationship Is Illegal: Punjab High Court

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court recently observed that it is illegal for a married person to live in a ‘live in relationship’. 

A fine of Rs 2,500 was also imposed on a man who sought police protection for living in a live-in relationship.

As per information, a man living in a live-in relationship had filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking police protection, alleging that he was receiving threats from his wife. It was heard before a single bench of Justice Alok Jain.

Justice Jain clarified that the option of extramarital affairs does not mean that married persons are free to have live-in relations with others while they are still in marriage, as this would violate the legal framework. 

Justice Jain also criticized that the device of this Court was adopted to affix the seal and signature of the petitioners to the illegal act of violating the rules of the sacred institution of marriage.

The immoral relations of the man in this case were brought to the notice of the wife. Now it is being claimed that the wife is threatening the concerned. But it has been found that the husband misused the process of law to hide his illicit relationship, Justice Jain also clarified.

If the concerned couple is under threat of life from those interfering in the ‘live in relationship’, they can file a complaint under Section 154 of CrPC or register a complaint under Section 200 of CrPC. This has been ignored by the petitioners. Therefore, stating that this petition is without any merit, the High Court dismissed the petition imposing a fine of two and a half thousand rupees on the petitioners.

Shreyas Vange