Milk Prices Rise Effective Today: Here’s What You’ll Pay for 1 Liter

Milk Prices Rise Effective Today: Here's What You'll Pay for 1 Liter

Milk Prices Rise Effective Today: Here's What You'll Pay for 1 Liter

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In a move that will affect households across the country, Amul has increased milk prices by ₹2 per liter starting today, June 3, 2024. The price hike comes amid rising operational and production costs, according to the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF).

New Prices for Amul Milk Varieties

This price adjustment marks the first increase in Amul milk prices since April 2023. Similar increases are being implemented by other major brands like Parag and Mother Dairy.

Reasons Behind the Price Hike

The GCMMF cited several factors for the increase, including:

  • Higher transportation costs
  • Increased fodder prices due to heat
  • Demands from milk producer unions for better rates for farmers

Jayen Mehta, MD of GCMMF, explained that the price hike is necessary to compensate farmers for their rising production costs. He emphasized that the increase represents a 3-4% rise in the MRP, which is lower than the average food inflation rate. GCMMF stated that they pass on nearly 80 paise of every rupee paid by consumers to the milk producers, ensuring that farmers receive a fair share.

The revised prices aim to sustain remunerative milk prices and encourage higher milk production. This move is intended to support the livelihood of milk producers and maintain the supply chain’s stability.

As of today, consumers will need to adjust their budgets to accommodate the increased cost of milk. The hike, while moderate, underscores the broader inflationary pressures affecting various sectors of the economy.