“Never Taking a Rapido Bike Again,” says Google techie due to ‘this’ reason

“Never Taking a Rapido Bike Again,” says Google techie due to ‘this’ reason

“Never Taking a Rapido Bike Again,” says Google techie due to ‘this’ reason

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The techie recounts a harrowing ride involving reckless driving. Shares details of accident on Outer Ring Road, urges caution.

“Never taking a Rapido bike again,” a Bengaluru-based Google techie declared on social media, recounting a harrowing experience.

In a detailed thread on X, she explained that she had booked a Rapido bike for a ride. However, the driver, driving at high speed and ignoring traffic rules, made a sudden turn into the service lane on Outer Ring Road at Kadubeesanahalli, without using an indicator. The accident occurred on Friday night.

The abrupt maneuver led to a collision with a car coming from behind. The impact caused both the rider and the techie to fall onto the road. According to her account, the bike driver ended the trip immediately and fled the scene. He left her injured behind, fortunately, the car driver involved in the collision came to her aid.

“There is no excuse for rash driving. Thankfully I escaped with minor injuries, but this accident could have been fatal,” she wrote. 

The only relief was the importance of the quality helmet provided by the rider, stating, “Fortunately the rider gave me a good quality helmet which helped protect my head. I can’t imagine what would have happened had the helmet been of a poor quality. Also luckily, even though I fell on the very busy Outer Ring Road, no other vehicle rammed into me when I fell on the road.”

In her X thread, she even mentioned filing a complaint with Rapido about the incident. “I have talked to Rapido customer care and they have asked me to file an insurance claim, which I will. I don’t have anything against Rapido, but the bike riders usually drive very recklessly, and I’d advise everyone to avoid booking two-wheelers if they love their life,” she advised.

The incident has sparked discussions about the safety of bike taxis. There is also a need for stricter regulations and safer driving practices for such transportation services.