New Speed Limits Set For Mumbai-Pune Expressway

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New Speed Limits Set For Mumbai-Pune Expressway

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Additional Director General of Police (Traffic), Maharashtra, Sukhwinder Singh, has issued a notice regarding new speed limits for vehicles on the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway, commonly known as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. These new limits have been determined based on a comprehensive survey conducted by a team of experts.

The revised speed limits will be applicable across the 94-kilometer stretch of the expressway, including both the flat areas and the ghat sections. The speed limits vary according to vehicle categories, with adjustments made to ensure safety and efficiency.

For vehicles falling under the M-1 category, which includes vehicles with up to eight passengers including the driver, the speed limit has been increased to 100 km per hour on flat areas and reduced to 60 km per hour in ghat sections. Passenger vehicles carrying nine or more passengers (M-2 and M-3 category vehicles) will have a speed limit of 80 km per hour on flat areas and 40 km per hour in ghat sections. Similarly, the speed limit for goods vehicles (all N categories) has been set at 80 km per hour on flat areas and 40 km per hour in ghat sections.

To ensure compliance with these new speed limits, speed cameras will be installed along the expressway. This decision comes after a thorough survey and joint discussions involving various stakeholders, including State Highway Police, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), and IRB Infra Development.

The implementation of these revised speed limits aims to enhance safety on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, particularly in the challenging ghat sections where lower speeds are essential for vehicle control. By adjusting speed limits according to different vehicle categories and road conditions, authorities aim to minimize accidents and ensure smoother traffic flow on this vital roadway.

Sr. No.Type of VehiclesFlat Road Speed Limit (km/h)Ghat Section Speed Limit (km/h)
1.M-1 Category10060
(Up to 8 passengers, including driver)
2.M-2 and M-3 Category8040
(More than 9 passengers)
3.Vehicle Carrying Goods (N Category)8040