NIBM annexe to get better roads and cleaner footpaths

Pune Municipal Corporation on December 11 celebrated Pedestrians Day at 20 locations in Pune. A small program with the local residents of NIBM Annexe was held on December 11 wherein the PMC engineers explained the road development plan for the area.

Officials Tapan Chikne, deputy engineer, Sandeep Ranaware, executive engineer, Avinash Kamthe engineer all from the road department of PMC were present and informed of the extensive road map for the area.
Kamthe explained that the roads in this area will have wider footpaths, cycle tracks, and better roads ensuring that pedestrians will have hurdle-free walkways. Among the few spots in Pune under the beautification project for the upcoming G20 conference, Raheja Circle will undergo beautification soon.

Mohit Purswani, a resident of Raheja Vista Phase 1 said, “The PMC should take up building of speed breakers on our road. There have been several fatal and near-fatal accidents on this stretch of the road.”

Krishnan Venkiteswaran, a resident of Raheja Vista Premiere said, “We are happy to know that PMC has a great vision for the development of roads in our area. We want them to complete them within the timeframe given without causing any further delay.”

Details of the road development:

  • Raheja Circle to Krishna Nagar footpath
  • Cloud 9 to Raheja circle footpath
  • Raheja Circle to Undri footpath
  • Raheja Circle premiere to vibgyor
  • 3 – 4 kms footpath, cycle tracks,
  • Raheja Circle under beautification for upcoming G20 conference

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