Young ones shine at Nyati United County Fest 2022

The fourth week of Nyati United County Fest 2022 ended with an amazing performance by the kids in the marathon held at Toddler’s Nursery, Mohamadwadi. Nytai County residents took part with great enthusiasm in the event.

The event is organised by the Nyati Builders, while Pune Pulse is the media partner for the event.

Apart from the sports activity for the kids, on December 11, there was a musical night for the defense personnel as well as citizens at the Corinthians Club and football matches among Nyati Serenity, Nyati Garden, Nyati Enclave, Nyati Iris, Nyati Evara, Nyati Garden, Nyati Eternity I and Nyati Estate at Futsal Ground, The Corinthians Club, Undri for the age group of Above 16 years eliminator round 2, under 16 years qualifier round for finals and above 16 years qualifier for finals.

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