NIBM Road : Traffic Congestion to reduce as PMC Undertakes Resurfacing of Road between Palace Orchard and Kad Nagar

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After relentless efforts by both the Pune Pulse and the residents of NIBM – Undri – Mohamadwadi road, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has finally taken action to address the longstanding issues plaguing the road between Palace Orchard and Kad Nagar. 

The catalyst for this development was a recent fatal accident that occurred outside Palace Orchard, shedding light on several problems including encroachments, improper road surfacing, a narrow road, unauthorized shops, and an inadequate gradient.

One of the key issues highlighted by Pune Pulse was the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) electricity poles situated in the middle of the road, posing obstacles to motorists and increasing the risk of accidents. The matter was promptly brought to the attention of both PMC and MSEDCL authorities, urging them to take necessary action to ensure road safety and prevent further accidents.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the PMC has initiated the resurfacing of the road, aiming to rectify the existing problems and enhance the overall driving experience for residents and commuters. This step is a result of the continuous follow-up by the vigilant residents and the effective advocacy by Pune Pulse, ensuring that their concerns were heard and acted upon.

The resurfacing project signifies a positive step towards addressing the road-related challenges faced by the Palace Orchard and Kad Nagar communities. It is expected to alleviate issues caused by encroachments, improve road quality, widen the road where possible, remove unauthorized shops, and rectify the problematic gradient.

Lalita Thakur, a resident of NIBM Annexe said, “Thank you Pune Pulse and the PMC for taking proactive measures to prioritize residents safety. This collaborative effort between the community and the authorities serves as an example of how collective action can bring about positive change and improve the infrastructure for the benefit of all.” 

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