Nitin Gadkari Announces Dedicated Stadium for Disabled Athletes in Nagpur

Nitin Gadkari Announces Groundbreaking Stadium for Disabled Athletes in Nagpur

Nitin Gadkari Announces Groundbreaking Stadium for Disabled Athletes in Nagpur(representational image)

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In a significant move to empower and support disabled individuals in the realm of sports, Nagpur is set to witness the establishment of a dedicated stadium catering exclusively to disabled athletes.

Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari revealed that the decision was formalized during discussions held in Delhi, where Manoj Kumar Suryavanshi, Chairman of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), along with concerned officials, explored the stadium’s design and facilities.

The proposed stadium, spanning an expansive 7.5 acres, aims to be a world-class training facility for disabled athletes. It will not only focus on honing skills in disability sports but also prepare athletes for participation in prestigious events like the Paralympics, Deaflympics, Special Olympics, and various other international sports competitions.

The comprehensive facilities planned for the stadium include both indoor and outdoor sports amenities. Noteworthy features comprise a wheelchair lift, a swimming pool, an administrative building, and an air-conditioned hostel with a capacity for 50 male and 50 female disabled athletes. Additionally, coach rooms and an outdoor pavilion boasting a seating capacity of 500 people and accommodations for 60 experts will be integrated into the stadium.

This initiative underscores Nagpur’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing disabled athletes with a conducive environment to pursue their sporting aspirations. The stadium is envisioned not only as a training ground but also as a platform for disabled individuals to showcase their prowess on the global sports stage. As plans progress, the Nagpur Improvement Trust remains dedicated to making this stadium a beacon of accessibility and excellence in the world of adaptive sports.

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