Not always Right: Boss Under Fire for Criticizing Employee Who Missed Work Due to Father’s Death

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A Reddit post sharing a screenshot of a text message from a boss, criticizing an employee for missing work due to her father’s death, has sparked outrage online. The post garnered widespread attention, with many internet users expressing their anger towards the boss’s insensitive response.

In the text message, the boss expressed the need for the employee to show up to work every day, emphasizing the challenges of managing tasks in her absence. The boss suggested that the employee reconsider her position, stating the necessity of consistent attendance for the smooth operation of the business.

The employee, who had taken time off to be with her father during his ICU stay and for his funeral, expressed shock and dismay at the boss’s response. She highlighted the emotional toll of losing her father and the difficulty of returning to work after such a traumatic experience.

Internet users flooded the comment section with messages of support for the employee and condemnation for the boss’s lack of empathy. Many shared their own experiences of compassionate employers who understood the need for time off during difficult circumstances.

Some users advised the employee to keep records of all communications with the employer and encouraged her not to quit the job but to let the employer take the action of firing her if necessary. 

The overwhelming response from internet users underscored the importance of empathy and understanding in the workplace, especially during times of personal loss and grief.

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