Pune : Plastic Ban at Shivneri Fort: Visitors Restricted, Deposit Required for Water Bottles

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The Forest Department has imposed a ban on plastic items at Shivneri Fort, prohibiting visitors from carrying any plastic except water bottles. This decision aims to preserve the environment and prevent pollution.

Amit Bhise, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Junnar, stated, “We are currently allowing water bottles due to the summer season.” However, starting June 5th, plastic bottles won’t be permitted inside the premises.

To ensure that visitors comply with the ban, three teams have been deployed to monitor entry points and confiscate prohibited items. To visit the fort, visitors must pay a deposit of Rs. 50 for water bottles, which will be refunded to them when they leave the fort. This initiative was launched on March 21st to celebrate World Forest Day, and it has been well-received by visitors. Additionally, daily cleaning drives are carried out to prevent littering and ensure that the fort remains clean.

The ban echoes a successful implementation at Vasota Fort, demonstrating the department’s commitment to environmental conservation. The move aims to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of littering, especially in biodiversity-rich zones like Shivneri. Plastic waste poses threats to wildlife and exacerbates forest fires, as seen recently due to discarded cigarette butts.

The initiative emphasizes responsible tourism and underscores the importance of preserving natural habitats for future generations.

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