Passenger Outcry: Pune Airport’s Transportation Chaos Exposed

Passenger Outcry: Pune Airport's Transportation Chaos Exposed

Passenger Outcry: Pune Airport's Transportation Chaos Exposed

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Pune Airport faces backlash on X over transport woes and infrastructure failures.

11 May 2024 

By Payoshi Bisht

In a surge of dissatisfaction, passengers have taken to social media to voice their grievances regarding their experiences at Pune Airport, citing a range of issues from inadequate facilities at the airport to confrontations with taxi and auto drivers.

One user, @AMEETSHETTY, lamented in a post (link) the inconvenience of taxis equipped with cylinders in the trunk, leaving passengers to uncomfortably balance luggage on their laps. This incident, occurring on 2nd May at 7:00 PM, sheds light on what appears to be a recurring problem with transportation arrangements at the airport.

Adding to the chorus of discontent, another X user, @iamShanny00 recounted a troubling encounter with an auto driver in a post (link) who allegedly demanded additional charges for night travel without prior notice, escalating the situation to shouting. Such confrontations highlight a lack of transparency and professionalism among some service providers operating at the airport.

Furthermore, complaints surfaced regarding the inefficiency of the airport’s infrastructure, notably the scarcity of lifts and lengthy queues, particularly impacting wheelchair users. With only one lift reportedly serving the entire airport, accessibility issues have become a recurring source of frustration for passengers.

Amidst these grievances, there are allegations of rogue behaviour among some prepaid auto drivers stationed at Aeromall, charging extra fees ranging from Rs 100 to 150 as per the post (link) by an X user @navneet. Despite these practices, authorities, including the Pune City Police, are accused of failing to effectively address such misconduct, leaving passengers feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

The frustration extends beyond transportation woes, as travellers also bemoan the daily traffic congestion caused by Ola and Uber cabs and rickshaws outside the airport premises. This daily ordeal significantly inconveniences commuters and visitors alike, prompting calls for urgent intervention to alleviate the persistent gridlock. Authorities such as the Pune City Police, Pune Traffic Police, Transport Department RTO as well as Pune Airport Authorities, Cab Operators have been tagged to bring the issue in their vicinity and take appropriate measures. 

With complaints mounting and frustrations boiling over, passengers are calling for immediate action to address the systemic issues plaguing Pune Airport.