Peaceful Climate Fast for Ladakh’s Nature Conservation held in Pune 

Peaceful Climate Fast for Ladakh's Nature Conservation held in Pune

Peaceful Climate Fast for Ladakh's Nature Conservation held in Pune

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The peaceful Climate Fast organized by the Friends of Ladakh, Pune on 24th March at various locations across Pune concluded successfully, drawing attention to the critical need for nature conservation in Ladakh.
The Climate Fast took place at multiple locations including Sambhaji Park, JM Road; Ambedkar Chowk, PCMC; Outside Abhinav College, Pashan; and Karve Putala. These diverse venues symbolized the widespread support for Ladakh’s conservation cause across the city, with hundreds of Punekars joining the cause.

The event brought together concerned citizens, activists, and supporters who stood in solidarity with Sonam Wangchuk and the indigenous communities of Ladakh. Participants demonstrated their commitment to preserving Ladakh’s pristine natural environment and advocating for sustainable practices.

The Climate Fast highlighted the urgent need for action to protect Ladakh’s fragile ecosystem and emphasized the importance of implementing sustainable policies. By coming together, participants amplified the voices of Ladakhi communities and underscored the collective responsibility we hold towards safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity.

Shweta Kulkarni, Santosh Lalwani, Preetee Pushpa, Rakesh Mallick, Pooja Tanna, Rupesh Sarode, Prashant Raul, Bharati Kelkar, Seema Agarwal,
Jayashree Ramdas, Dinesh Malashe, Justine Bhatt, Sunita Gokhale and students from Ladakh namely Noldan, Sherab, Jismat, Gyurmet amongst others took efforts for organising the silent protest at different locations in Pune.

Everyone recognised that what happens in Ladakh on this issue, affects the entire nation, because it
impacts several critical factors:

  • India’s Water Security can be threatened if indiscriminate mining takes place in the Himalayas,
    as Ladakhi glaciers quench the thirst of 1 billion people.
  • India’s Border Security with China:- on the last day of Sonam Wangchuk’s fast, he will visit the India-China border in Ladakh and show how China has already encroached on Indian land.
  • The Ladakh Scouts is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army, nicknamed as the “Snow Warriors” or “Snow Leopards” who are Ladakhi locals and know how to navigate and fight in Ladakhi mountains. There is danger of them losing their spirit due to this issue.
  • India’s Environment & Local People’s Rights:- one of the main reasons why the government may have backtracked on their 2019 & 2020 election promises of giving Ladakh Sixth Schedule Status is because of powerful industrial, business, and mining lobbies. It’s worth noting that speakers clarified that giving Sixth Schedule Status to Ladkah does not mean no development in Ladakh. It just gives power to Ladakhis to decide what type of development they want; what’s in the best interest of the people & the environment.
  • The three pillars of Sonam ji’s campaign: truth, democracy, and environment.
  • Environment: how the ultimate form of protest for well off city people, is to live simply. Following Sonam Wangchuk ji motto: “Please live simply in cities, so we in the mountains can simply live.”

Friends of Ladakh extends its gratitude to all participants, supporters, and members of the press for their involvement and coverage of the event. Together, we can continue to advocate for positive change and work towards a sustainable future for Ladakh and beyond.

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