PETA India honours Pune Firefighters for saving lives of 10 Persian cats

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Pune – A Hero to Animals Award is on its way from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India to the fire brigade of Pune’s Central Fire Station to thank the firefighters for heroically risking their lives recently to rescue 10 cats who were stuck inside a burning flat in a building located on a lane near the Urdu school in Ghorpadi Peth.

The cats belong to a resident of the Shanti Niwas Society, where the fire broke out. During the firefighting operation, he informed the fire brigade that cats were inside the flat, from which smoke was streaming. The firefighters moved quickly, rushing to the scene and rescuing all the felines. In a video shared by Asia News International, people can be heard thanking the firefighters.

“By rescuing cats who were no doubt panicking and getting them to safety, the fire brigade averted a catastrophe, and this award is a token of appreciation for their valiant display of courage and extension of compassion to animals,” says PETA India CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate.

However, these cats are Persians, meaning they are victims of the pet trade, in which females are exploited as breeding machines and kittens are separated from their mothers a few days after birth. PETA India is asking the breeder to have a heart and sterilise these dear cats, as we condemn breeding and urge people to adopt from rescue shelters rather than buying animals and to look out for cats on the street who need care.