Pimple Saudagar : Rose Icon Sports Competition Draws Participation of 400 Active Residents

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Rose Icon society in Pimple Saudagar is known for organising cultural and sports events every year during Ganesh festival and Navratri time.

“Due to Covid19 pandemic, the society could not organise any cultural or sports event for the last 3 years, ” said Ravi Munde, chairman, and Mohit Agrawal Vice Chairman.

Mohit Agrawal took the responsibility of leading the event and started planning. He said, “We have a group of residents who always volunteer to come forward and support organising / managing events. While discussing the number of sports to be organised Sashikant came up with an idea of organising a Mini Marathon this year to kickoff the sports event. After multiple meetings along with volunteers we finalised to organise Mini Marathon, Cricket, Badminton, Football, Kids Fun – Running, Toy Race, Lemon Spoon, Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis , Swimming, Water Walk , Water Polo, Slow Cycling, Gym Activities etc. Sports were planned in such a way that people of all age categories should get a chance to participate including 2 year old kids to Senior Citizens.”

The society with an approximate budget, went beyond the planned events and also decided to organise Badminton, Football and Cricket events outside premises and booked Badminton court and Box Cricket ground in Saudagar area.

Mini Marathon was the highlight where Zumba performance as a warm up session was organised before the race and more than 150 residents including 20+ senior citizens participated in the event. Event was conducted within a society premises and had 1km, 2km and 3km categories. More than 50 women participated in Cricket, Badminton and Water Polo activities.

Overall more than 400 residents from Rose Icon participated in different sports. The event was well received by the residents. Looking at that they have planned for a mega sports event in 2024.

The event organising committee consisted of Mohit A, Ravi M, Vaibhav M, Shailesh K, Sashikant S, Gaurav Patil, Premal M, while residents such as Ketki B, Neha, Shweta S, Abhijeet D, Prasad P, Mahesh M, Hema, Varsha, Kavita A, Abhijeet P, Pankaj D, Arvind, Kalpesh Hande, Ravi P, Sachin S, Varun,  Avinash Patil, Nimbalkar, Bankim and others supported the event by volunteering.

Society staff also played a major role making all the arrangements on time :- Ajay, Shyam, Nitin, Vijay, Sohan, Nagesh, Rupesh.