Pimpri based fitness trainer teaches fitness enthusiasts free of cost

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Akash Dhanurkar

We all have heard ‘Sharing is caring.’ But not many follow it seriously.

Sumeet Yadav, a Pimpri based fitness trainer, who is initiating a free of cost fitness training program for the citizens, while talking to Pune Pulse, explained his idea of #weekendfitness and narrated us his story of what kept him moving for the two years while training people free off cost.

What is #Weekendfitness? How did you come across this social campaign?

Actually, #Weekendfitness is nothing but an initiative aimed to make people fit and happy. Today, as we talk about COVID19, there are people dying from heart attack and other obessity related diseases which have been killing the people even before COVID is doing. So, I am glad that atleast COVID has brought us back to our senses; our improper lifestyle; eating habits and most importantly, our lazyness that is deteriorating our health evey day and every minute. I want to make the society fit. Under #Weekendfitness campaign I don’t charge people for training them. Every Saturday and Sunday, I take the interested people to a mountain or any green outskirt and train them with my designed crossfit workout.

How long have you been training people under the banner of your campaign?

For the past two years I am training people free off cost under my banner. Many a times, I tried reaching out to people to join me on Saturday and Sunday, especially my friends, who are IT workers. They have a very unbalanced and pathetic lifestyle due to their work cycle. On weekends, they usually sleep for hours without caring for their health. And hence, an idea of #Weekendfitness struck my mind to bring about a culture of fitness.

How long will you continue this campaign free of cost and why?

Well, I will continue this campaign free off cost for my entire life. I want to reach every corner of our society and make them aware that stretching, running or weightlifting for an hour would cost them none.

Widely observed that many fitness icons do not really work on social campaigns, but make them commercial. What is your take on it?

Let them continue entirely with commercial aspect. If people want to pay them then there is no harm. My campaign is a bit different from my colleagues in the industry. I wish them to join me in this initiative that has a potential to influence people to take uo fitness, as a result of which it may become a nationwide campaign one day.

Fitness industry suffered the most during lockdown. How did you manage to train them when COVID was at a peak and so was the fitness as a solution to build immunity?

I did train people virtually, but that was again less effective. Cross Fit training is more effective in person, so, I was awaiting for the lockdown to end. And yes, immunity can beat any virus and any disease, so, I beleieve that: “Sweat and Beat”.

How are you planning to take this movement ahead? What is your message for the fitness enthusiasts?

I am planning to reach every area and take a session for the residents. I want to cover entire PCMC and PMC areas. The message for the fitness enthusiasts is very simple that don’t think about if you can pull up to atleast ten pushups. Think how you can start the journey, rest will be taken care of.