Pimpri-Chinchwad Leads Maharashtra with First-Ever Door-to-Door Survey for Disabled Persons’ Life Certificates

Pimpri-Chinchwad Leads Maharashtra with First-Ever Door-to-Door Survey for Disabled Persons' Life Certificates

Pimpri-Chinchwad Leads Maharashtra with First-Ever Door-to-Door Survey for Disabled Persons' Life Certificates

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Pimpri-Chinchwad, April 16, 2024: Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor, becoming the first municipal corporation in Maharashtra, and indeed, in India, to conduct a comprehensive door-to-door survey aimed at facilitating the procurement of life certificates for persons with disabilities.

The Social Development Department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has long been at the forefront of implementing various welfare schemes for its citizens. Recognizing the importance of life certificates for accessing these schemes, particularly for registered disabled individuals, the department initiated a meticulous survey targeting beneficiaries within the municipality’s confines. The survey, which successfully covered 6,699 disabled persons, was conducted seamlessly, sparing them the inconvenience of visiting municipal offices for certificate updates.

Utilizing advanced digital technologies, the surveyors ensured accurate data collection, including biometric details and necessary documentation. By integrating geotagging during registration, future assistance for disabled individuals is poised to be more streamlined and efficient.

This pioneering initiative not only sets a precedent in Maharashtra but also underscores the municipality’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and welfare. With the completion of the survey, a significant portion of disabled individuals, previously lacking life certificates, are now poised to benefit from welfare schemes, marking a substantial stride towards societal equity.

Moreover, the survey provided invaluable insights, revealing that 22 percent of disabled persons lacked life certificates. This revelation prompted immediate action, with efforts underway to facilitate the issuance of certificates to these individuals. Additionally, demographic data obtained through the survey sheds light on the distribution of disabilities within the city, enabling more targeted and effective intervention strategies.

The digitization of registration processes promises greater accessibility and convenience for disabled individuals, with information now accessible at the click of a button. Furthermore, the acquisition of accurate address details ensures enhanced service delivery, minimizing administrative hurdles and optimizing resource allocation.

However, challenges persist, with 1,470 disabled citizens identified as having insufficient address information. To rectify this, the Social Development Department has urged these individuals to update their details promptly, facilitating seamless access to welfare services.

In closing, the commitment of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation to the welfare of its disabled citizens remains unwavering. By spearheading innovative initiatives such as the door-to-door survey for life certificates, the municipality reaffirms its dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents.

Commissioner and Administrator of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Shekhar Singh, expressed pride in the municipality’s pioneering efforts, emphasizing its commitment to inclusive governance. Similarly, Pradeep Jambhale-Patil, Additional Commissioner, reiterated the significance of accurate data collection in enhancing service delivery for disabled individuals.

Ultimately, the success of this initiative not only lies in the issuance of life certificates but also in the empowerment and inclusion of disabled persons, ensuring their rightful access to welfare schemes and opportunities.