Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Water Tax Collection Surges to Record Rs 78 Crores, Up By 27% from Previous Year

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The Tax Collection and Taxation Department of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation celebrated a significant milestone as it amassed a staggering Rs 977 crore in its treasury. A notable feat in this achievement is the unprecedented collection of water tax, totaling 78 crore rupees and 57 lakhs. This remarkable surge marks a substantial 27% increase compared to the previous year’s collection of a mere 15 crores.

The decision to amalgamate tax collection and water levy has proven to be a strategic triumph for the Municipal Corporation. This strategic move, orchestrated under the guidance of Commissioner Shekhar Singh and Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale-Patil, has proven fruitful. It has not only streamlined administrative operations but also led to a remarkable boost in revenue.

The water tax recovered through various payment modes : By Cheque – Rs 24 Crore 41 lakhs Cash – 19 Crore 21 lakhs Online – 21 Crore 43 lakhs BBPS- 13 Crore 32 lakhs App – 21 lakhs Total — 78 crores 57 lakhs

The incorporation of water tax collection into the existing tax collection framework was prompted by the Municipality’s struggle to recover overdue payments from water supply services. With a staggering 1,76,000 authorized tap connections spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, the Municipality faced mounting arrears. This integration has not only bolstered revenue streams but also mitigated losses incurred due to unpaid water bills.

In a bid to enforce compliance and recover outstanding dues, the Municipality resorted to disconnecting over 300 non-compliant tap connections. Spearheaded by diligent meter inspectors and supported by the tax collection recovery team, this initiative has yielded remarkable results. The once stagnant water bill collection, hovering around 60 crores, has surged to an impressive 80 crores.

Yearly water tax recovered : 2019-2020 : 42 crore 94 lakh 2020-2021 : 41 crore 86 lakh 2021-2022 : 54 Crore 97 Lakh 2022-2023 : 57 Crore 67 Lakh 2023-24 : 78 Crore 57 lakhs

The methods employed for water tax recovery were diverse, including cheque payments totaling Rs 24 crores 41 lakhs, cash transactions amounting to 19 crores 21 lakhs, online payments summing up to 21 crores 43 lakhs, BBPS transactions reaching 13 crores 32 lakhs, and app-based payments contributing 21 lakhs, culminating in a grand total of 78 crores 57 lakhs.

Looking ahead, the Municipal Corporation is poised to further streamline its revenue collection processes by integrating water tax and property tax collections. This synergistic approach not only optimizes manpower but also enhances service quality. While challenges persist, Commissioner Shekhar Singh remains optimistic about the Municipality’s ability to overcome them.

Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale-Patil echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of tax collection staff and meter inspectors in augmenting revenue streams. He also affirms the Municipality’s commitment to continued action against delinquent water bill payers and illegal tap connections, ensuring sustained fiscal growth and administrative efficiency.

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