Pimpri Chinchwad Police’s Crackdown On Fancy Number Plates, Modified Silencers And Black Films

Pimpri Chinchwad Police’s Crackdown On Fancy Number Plates, Modified Silencers And Black Films

Pimpri Chinchwad Police’s Crackdown On Fancy Number Plates, Modified Silencers And Black Films

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In a recent post on X, the PCMC police have stated that they are cracking down on people who violate these vehicle regulations.

10 June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

In recent years, India has witnessed a surge in vehicular modifications, from fancy number plates to modified silencers and tinted windows with black films. However, authorities are cracking down on these trends, citing various concerns.

In Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad specifically, the police have been vigilant about these violations. In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter) they stated, “No Black Films on T̶h̶a̶r̶s̶ Cars allowed, even those that cost a fortune..”

The post received a lot of attention and engagement from citizens, some highlighting other such violations in the comments. One ‘X’ user stated, “Some other flagrant violations In observe daily in Ravet & Nigdi Pradhikaran:

1) Weird, non-standard number plates. 

2) Two wheelers with silencers modified to maximize noise.

3) Triple and quadruple riding on two wheelers. I am not mentioning no helmets since 99% don’t.”

In a subsequent post the PCMC police handle assured citizens that they are being stringent about other such violations too and remarked, “Long way to go but non-stop action will continue on Fancy Number Plate, Black Films & Modified Silencers till we get rid of this menace in #PimpriChinchwad”.

Many X users and Pimpri Chinchwad residents lauded the actions taken by the police. One of the users commented, “Great going. pls continue the same. Few people who think they are above the law..this acts as a very good deterrent for them.

Also pls continue action on youngsters near schools & jr colleges where one can find triple seat driving and jumping the traffic signals a common norm”.

While some others were critical of the police for being selectively vigilant, one of the users remarked, “When will such Action be taken in Pimple Gurav? There is not at all Presence of Traffic Police. All Rules are being violated Black Films, Fancy Number Plates,Parking on Footpath, Bikes with Modified Silencer.” 

While another questioned, “Sir, what about traffic congestion in Chikhli area??? Daily we are wasting tons of fuel due to traffic congestion. At least ban heavy vehicles between 8-11am and 6-9pm that would help us little..”

Fancy number plates, often adorned with unique fonts and designs, not only violate regulations but also impede law enforcement’s ability to identify vehicles accurately. Modified silencers, popular for their enhanced sound, contribute to noise pollution and disturb public tranquillity, prompting environmental and health concerns.

Moreover, black films on car windows violate safety regulations by reducing visibility, potentially leading to accidents, and impede law enforcement’s ability to monitor activities inside vehicles. These restrictions aim to promote road safety, reduce noise pollution and enhance law enforcement efficiency.

While customisation remains a popular trend among vehicle enthusiasts, adherence to regulations ensures safer roads and a more sustainable environment for all. Authorities continue to emphasise compliance with existing laws to foster responsible vehicle ownership and ensure public safety.