Urgent measures needed for safety during monsoon in Pune, MNS Urges PMC

Urgent measures needed for safety during monsoon in Pune, MNS Urges PMC

Urgent measures needed for safety during monsoon in Pune, MNS Urges PMC

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The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has raised serious concerns about the inadequacies in Pune’s monsoon preparedness following the heavy rains which left several parts of the city submerged in waist-deep water. The flooding has highlighted significant flaws in the city’s drainage system, resulting in severe inconvenience and danger to residents.

In a letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pune City President Sainath Sambhaji Babar outlined the issues caused by the rain. The downpour led to waterlogging in low-lying areas, the flooding of roads and intersections, water entering homes, fallen trees, traffic jams, and malfunctioning signal systems. The disaster management rooms, which are supposed to be operational in each regional office, were found to be ineffective.

Also, in a tragic incident in Kondhwa, a young girl lost her life due to the flooding. The MNS accused the administration and its contractors of corruption and shirking responsibility, instead of addressing the root causes of the incident. The MNS has publicly protested this perceived irresponsibility and mismanagement.

With the Meteorological Department forecasting further heavy rainfall in Pune, the MNS stressed the urgency for immediate and effective action from the PMC. The letter demanded that the PMC must prioritize the safety of its citizens by addressing the monsoon-related issues promptly.


Key demands include:

– Immediate action to rectify drainage issues in flooded areas

– Removal of encroachments on drainage systems

– Provision of reliable and efficient civic services to prevent future flooding

The MNS warned that if these measures are not taken, they would hold the administration accountable for any subsequent disasters. 

The letter emphasized the critical need for proactive planning and execution to safeguard Pune residents from the challenges posed by the monsoon.

Letter Excerpt:

“Due to the rain in Pune city, roads and intersections were flooded in low-lying areas, water entered many houses, trees fell, traffic jams, and signal systems were shut down… Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is protesting this irresponsible way of administration… If Pune collapses in the future, MNS will stand the administration in the same water.”