Pimpri railway station continues to face numerous problems

Pimpri railway station continues to face numerous problems

Pimpri railway station continues to face numerous problems - Pune Pulse

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Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is making significant progress in its journey towards becoming a Smart City, offering improved citizen facilities. Consequently, the city is experiencing a surge in popularity. 

Nevertheless, the Pimpri railway station, situated in Udyog Nagar, continues to face numerous challenges. The apparent lack of attention from the railway administration has resulted in inconveniences for the passengers relying on this station.

Pimpri railway station serves as a crucial transit point for numerous daily passengers traveling to Pune, Lonavala, and other destinations. 

Although long-distance trains do not stop at Pimpri railway station, the Pune-Lonavala local and Sinhagad express trains play a vital role in connecting passengers, attracting a significant amount of traffic. This includes professionals, students, employees, tourists, and various others.

Due to its affordability, train travel remains a popular choice among the general public, resulting in crowded local trains. 

Despite recent efforts to beautify the station, the railway administration’s lack of attention has led to an increase in disruptions caused by children, youth, and residents of nearby slums, causing inconvenience to passengers.

The seating arrangements at the station are frequently occupied by numerous individuals, making it challenging for local train passengers to find seats. Additionally, unauthorized hawkers who consume gutkha and spit on the tracks and station premises further contribute to the station’s deteriorating condition, causing inconvenience for railway passengers. The presence of unauthorized sellers has also become increasingly prevalent.

The increase in the number of stray dogs in and around Pimpri railway station, which creates a sense of insecurity among passengers. These dogs often roam among passengers, causing particular worry for women and those traveling at night. The railway administration must implement security measures at the station to address these concerns.

Furthermore, the issue of illegal parking persists, with citizens parking their two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and rickshaws in front of the gate leading to Pimpri village and Pune-Mumbai highway instead of utilizing designated parking areas. The railway administration continues to overlook this chaotic parking situation, thereby perpetuating the problem.