PMC extends Swachh ATM order by two months

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The Municipal Corporation has announced an extension of two months for the full operation of the “Swachh ATM” which aims to improve waste management in the city and incentivize citizens to dispose of their garbage properly.  This allows citizens to deposit their waste at designated ATMs and receive money in return.

Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has given orders to the concerned organizations to continue their efforts to install remaining ATMs in the city. The extension of two months is intended to allow  the full implementation of the ATMs and ensure its sustainability.

A contract was negotiated with a company to place such ATMs at 40 locations across the city. However, only nine ATMs have been set up thus far. Even after that, the Municipal Corporation gave the company notice to revoke the work contract since the pertinent plan was not properly implemented. Additionally, it was stated that others would implement this plan if ATMs were not installed within a month.

Thieves are targeting these ATMs with the belief that they contain money. Therefore, the Corporation has suggested that the concerned company should provide security guards for these ATMs and maintain them, and also earn income through advertising by taking the permission of the Sky Signs Department on these ATMs.

The Municipal Corporation is confident that the “Swachh ATM” will continue to be a success and will play a crucial role in the city’s waste management efforts.

“Extension given to Organisation to install remaining ATMs in the city. It will definitely help to reduce waste in city” – Asha Raut, Head, Solid Waste Management Department PMC.

“The ATMs were installed after the municipal corporation issued a notice, but the plan was discontinued for a number of reasons, including ATM vandalism on the grounds that there was money in trash ATMs and delays in money deposit. Following that, the responsible organisation received a two-month extension from municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar, to complete the work” – Kunal Khemnar, additional commissioner PMC.

Nividita Kelapure 

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