PMC launches Lottery Scheme for Tax Payers

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has commenced the distribution of property tax bills for the year 2023-24 to all property tax holders within its jurisdiction. In order to incentivize timely payment, PMC is offering a discount of 5% or 10% on property tax for those who pay the full amount by July 31, 2023.

To further encourage property tax compliance, PMC has launched an exciting lottery scheme exclusively for property holders who pay their entire property tax for residential, non-residential, and vacant land from May 15, 2023, to July 31, 2023. A total of 45 prizes, including 5 petrol cars, 15 e-bikes, 15 mobile phones, and 10 laptops, will be awarded to the lucky winners. Participating in the lottery scheme is simple—no separate application is required. Property holders are eligible for the lottery by paying their entire property tax within the specified period.

Ajit Deshmukh, the head of the tax department at PMC, shared that since May, the Taxation and Collection Department has taken extensive measures to address non-resident property tax arrears. Over 400 non-resident property holders have already been subjected to sealing actions by the department. The intensified sealing actions will continue to address the remaining outstanding property tax payments.

Shreyas Vange