Stray dog bite cases on the rise in Pune City

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By: Pune Pulse

June 19, 2023

Pune: Stray dog biting cases are on the rise in Sectors 25 and 27 of Wanowrie and Kondhwa respectively causing a sense of fear among the residents. In the last fifteen days alone, 10 cases have been reported.

Sameer Arwade, resident, Kondhwa, Pune said, “There are many stray dogs in Kondhwa. Kids and senior citizens in the area are afraid to even step out of their houses because of this. One of the reasons is vehicles with high-intensity lights and irritating sounds which provoke the dogs.”

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Dr Sarita Funde, Veterinary Superintendent, PMC said, “We have received some cases of dog biting in the last fifteen days from Wanowrie & Kondhwa areas. We have nabbed the dogs. People who are bitten by the dog are given appropriate vaccinations which are proving effective for them.”

Rahul Jagtap, member of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Pune said, “The increase in dog bite cases in Wanowrie and Kondhwa regions has risen rapidly. I know of 25 cases but I feel there could be more than these. A rapid increase of stray dogs in both areas is a prime reason. Some senior citizens & kids are afraid to venture out because of this. So, we request PMC to find a solution for this.”

The PMC has appealed to all citizens to take care while commuting on the roads. If a person is unfortunately bitten by a dog, that person must seek medical attention immediately.

Shreyas Vange