PMC modifies its boundaries, keeps Phursungi and Uruli Devachi out

Shinde Fadnavis Government Phursungi Uruli Devachi
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Pune: The Maharashtra government on Friday, March 31 decided to form Uruli Devachi and Phursungi into a separate municipal councils and demerged it from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Order related to the same was issued by the deputy secretary of the state government, Aniruddha Jevalikar. According to the order, these villages were demerged from the PMC limits and new separate municipal councils to be formed accordingly.

According to the government, the new municipal councils will be established to provide more effective and efficient administration, as well as ensure better delivery of civic services to residents. The government has said that the decision to create the new councils was taken after considering factors such as population growth, urbanisation, and the need to decentralise power and resources.

These villages were included in the  Pune municipal corporation limits  in 2017 when Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Minister and had brought 11 villages under the Pune municipal corporation, including Uruli Devachi and Fursungi. However, after a change of government, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has now decided to demerge these villages from the PMC.

The demand for the separation of these villages was led by Shiv Sena leader Vijay Shivtare, and his team. Shivtare citied the lack of amenities provided by the PMC is the major reason behind his demerger demand. This decision has been welcomed by many villagers in Fursungi and Uruli Devachi.