Pune News : Loud music from restaurant and bar near Blue Ridge in Hinjawadi irks residents

Blue Ridge township Hinjawadi Loud noise
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Hinjawadi: Blue Ridge township in Hinjawadi, has been facing a recurring issue with restaurants and bars that plays loud music late till late in the night. Despite numerous complaints, there has been no change in the situation, causing inconvenience to the residents.

According to Aniket Gupta, a resident of the society, the bar is playing music at levels exceeding the permissible limit set by the Supreme Court. “A hotel near our society plays loud music all the time, even after 10 pm. Residents are complaining about it. Hotel and bars are permitted to play loud music within a prescribed limit but the problem starts even after 10 PM, sometimes even after midnight.” “There are senior citizens, patients and people working in the IT industries who are suffering because of this,” he said.

The situation has become so severe that even young children are being affected by it. “My five-year-old daughter is unable to sleep during the night due to the loud music played by the hotel. Many residents of our society have been facing health issues. We are fed up with constantly complaining to the police, as after they leave, the establishment starts playing music again,” said an anonymous resident.

Abhishek Kumar, another resident of the society, expressed his frustration with the establishment’s non-compliance. “Even after closing doors and windows, the music is felt loud and clear. We have parents and a daughter who cannot sleep during the night,” he said.

In addition to this issue, the builder has started tapris at the main circle, with permission to operate only until 11 pm. However, they continue to operate late into the night, causing further disturbance to the residents.

“The issue is troublesome as the restaurants play loud music beyond the human ears can hear. We have trouble in sleeping as they keep playing music even after 10 at night. Not only this sometimes this continues after 12 or 1:30 and the people in the restaurant scream and yelling,” said Smita Kshirsagar, a resident.

Senior Police Inspector Vivek Mugalikar of Hinjawadi police station, said  ,”We have received complaints from residents regarding the issue and accordingly have sent notice to the restaurant. Yet if they do not abide by rules we will take action against them with respect to law.”

Mrunal Jadhav