PMC to begin random dog tests to rule out rabies disease

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PMC to begin random dog tests to rule out rabies disease

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By: Pune Pulse

November 23, 2023

Pune: A new monitoring committee established by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has recommended keeping a check on rabies-related deaths and curbing the fear around it. Thus, random samples of 10 to 20 stray dogs will be tested every day.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Dr Sarika Funde, Veterinary Superintendent, PMC said, “The stray dog is kept under observation as soon as we receive a suspected case of rabies. We will test 10 to 20 stray dogs at random to see if the virus is still circulating, even though we are unable to test every dog for rabies due to the high cost of the tests. But if rabies is discovered in stray dogs in a specific area, we reevaluate the area to look for additional cases of rabies. We are sending samples to an NGO as of now for testing. We will begin these random dog tests more actively soon where 10 to 20 stray dogs in Pune will be tested every day.”

According to a senior public health officer, the health department is attempting to enlist more non-governmental organizations for immunization and sterilization. Their goal is to eradicate rabies from the city by 2030.

Shreyas Vange