Shocking !! German Shepherd dog attacks owner in Rajasthan

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Shocking !! German Shepherd dog attacks owner in Rajasthan

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By: Pune Pulse

November 23, 2023

Pune: A strange incident of dog attack has taken place in Raibaka village of Alwar district of Rajasthan. A pet German Shepherd dog attacked its owner due to which the owner’s private part was injured.

As per information, incidents of dog attacks are not new. But the cases of a pet dog attacking its owner are rare.

The 60-year-old owner kept a German Shepherd dog as his pet. The dog attacked its owner. The incident took place on Wednesday (November 22) around 8:30 am. The condition of the owner is serious and he has been admitted to the district hospital. 

The German Shepherd is considered to be an aggressive breed of dog. The Raibaka village resident got a German Shepherd dog six months ago from an acquaintance. On Wednesday morning around 8:30 am, some dogs from the surrounding streets came near their house.

Seeing the dogs, the German Shepherd ran after them. The dogs started fighting. The pet owner went there to rescue his pet dog from that fight. At that time, the German Shepherd suddenly attacked its owner and bit his private part.

He was seriously injured by the attack and screamed. Hearing that, his son and neighbours rushed there to save him. By that time, he started bleeding. He was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors gave him first aid and advised him to shift to Jaipur, but the family decided to consult the doctor and get him treated there.

According to a dog expert, the German Shepherd breed is very honest and loyal. Surely, such a situation would have arisen that the dog would have got confused and attacked. He must have sensed some kind of danger himself. Otherwise, a German Shepherd never attacks its owner.

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