Police lathi charge at Osho devotees seeking entry into Osho Ashram

Pune Pulse
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Pune : On 21st of March, 2023 over a thousand Osho Devotees had gathered in Koregaon Park, Pune to visit Osho International aka Osho Ashram to meditate, celebrate and to visit Osho Samadhi. Prior to this, letters seeking protection and assistance in facilitating the visit were given to the Commissioner’s Office and to the Local Police Station. Thus, yesterday due to the intervention of Pune Police, the Osho Ashram management had to allow the devotees to enter the Ashram with their Osho Sannyas Mala, after paying the full fee Rs. 970.

The disciples rejoiced and thanked the Police as well as the management for coming to an amicable conclusion on the Osho Mala tussle. Unfortunately, we were misled and lied to by the Osho Ashram Management. When Osho devotees tried to visit the Ashram today morning on the 22 March, with their Osho Mala, ready and willing to pay Rs. 970, their day long charge; were refused entry and asked to remove the Mala again!

This stirred strong emotions in the devotees and some of them barged inside the ashram out of frustration at the Management’s ploy. Once inside, the devotees sat in the Buddha Grove area, sang Keertan songs and did not interfere with anybody else inside. But the Osho Ashram management preferred to send the Police inside, coax them to use force in terms of threats of arrest and lathi-charge on a crowd of innocent devotees, than allow Osho Mala which was given to many of us by Osho Himself during Sannyas Initiation. Moreover, the same mala used to be sold inside the Osho International by the Trustees and Management, many years after Osho left his body.

So, it is explicitly clear, that this disproportionate fear of Osho Mala is not out of their obedience to Osho’s instructions as they claim, rather it is a part of their conspiracy to mint money off the prime real estate of Koregaon Park, Pune. If the Osho International ‘Resort’ were to remain an ‘Ashram’ with 6 Samadhis, then it would not be so easy for them to put it on sale.

Also, recently their spokesperson Amrit Sadhna has written to media houses that the ‘rebel’ groups are spreading lies about the Ashram being sold, which in itself is an appalling lie because the Basho Area of the Osho Ashram, Survey 15,16 are on sale. The MOU has been done with Rajiv Bajaj, the next door neighbor to the Osho Ashram, Rs. 50 Cr. Have also been exchanged and the case IS, in fact going on in the Charity Commissioner’s Office.

The disciples are deeply hurt by Osho Ashram’s Mangement’s audacious and horrendous decision to allow the Police raise ‘dandas’ on Osho’s disciples at the Buddha Grove. The same Buddha Grove from where Osho addressed his devotees for decades. After today’s incidence, it is axiomatic that Osho’s Temple of Love and Meditation is in the wrong hands and the Trustees should be replaced.

The disciples have given official letters of Complaint to the Police Station regarding all this. The Jt. CP of Pune, visited the Osho Ashram in this regard today and we are expecting that justice be served in favor of the truth.

Repeated attempts to speak to the Osho International Meditation Center authorities remained unavailable.