Power Outage Affects 40,000 Consumers in Chakan and MIDC as Alephata Substation Breaks Down

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Pune: Power Outage Plagues 65,000 Customers as Broken Tower Line Causes Disruption in Hinjawadi and Pirangut Areas

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In an unfortunate turn of events, approximately 40,000 power consumers in Chakan city and the MIDC area found themselves in the dark as the Alephata substation experienced a breakdown, causing a halt in power supply. The outage occurred on Saturday (18th) from 12:30 pm to 1:05 pm, leaving households, businesses, and industries without electricity.

The disruption originated from the breakdown in Mahapareshan Company’s ultra-high-voltage 220 KV Alephata substation, leading to the cessation of power to the Chakan 132 KV substations. 

The intricate power supply network connects Chakan’s 132 KV substation to the Alephata 220/132 KV substation of Mahapareshan Company. The breakdown, which transpired around 12:30 pm, resulted in a deficit of approximately 48 MW in electricity transmission.

To manage the load and address the deficit, the Load Trimming Scheme (LTS) system was implemented, leading to the temporary suspension of power supply to the Chakan 132 KV substation. Consequently, seven 22 KV power lines from Mahavitaran, originating from the Chakan substation, also faced disruption.

The affected areas included villages such as Kharabwadi, Mhalunge, Ambethan, Rohkal, Biradwadi, Vaki, Gnanekarwadi, and KadachiWadi in Chakan city and the MIDC area. 

The power outage persisted until 1:05 pm, impacting 38,000 domestic consumers, commercial establishments, and 2,350 industrial customers. The incident underscores the vulnerability of power infrastructure and the need for robust systems to prevent such disruptions in the future.