Private walls with political slogans to be banned amidst upcoming Lok Sabha Elections

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With the model code of conduct in place, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the wall paintings of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have come under scrutiny.

Initially met with criticism from opposition parties and citizens, the municipal administration did not take action. However, with the implementation of the code of conduct for elections, such activities are now deemed violations of ethical standards.

City BJP office bearers were tasked with painting private walls with party slogans and symbols, a directive they promptly followed. However, the enforcement of the code of conduct has brought an end to these actions.

Government bodies and officials have been instructed to cover political symbols and slogans in government buildings, public spaces, and private premises. The ‘Booth Chalo’ campaign initiated by the BJP, involving the painting of party symbols and slogans on walls, is also being addressed. Municipal bodies, village councils, and other local authorities have been instructed to adhere strictly to the code of conduct for the upcoming elections.

As a result, walls covered with political messages will be covered up across the city and district. Furthermore, political advertisements and hoardings in public areas will be removed promptly. Private premises displaying unauthorized political symbols and slogans will also undergo removal within 24 hours.

Non-compliance will lead to administrative action, with costs recovered from responsible parties and legal repercussions ensuing. Dr. Suhas Diwase, the Collector and District Election Officer, has urged citizens to report any violations through the C-Vigil app.

The enforcement of the code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections has prompted the covering up of political graffiti in Pune, signaling a commitment to fair and ethical campaigning practices.

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