Pune: 8-year-old boy attacked by a leopard loses life 

Pune: 8-year-old boy attacked by a leopard loses life 

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08 May 2024 – Sadly, on Wednesday, August 8, at 8:30 a.m., Rudra Mahesh Phapale, age eight, lost his life in Kalesthal Vasti Shivar in Kalwadi (Junnar) due to attack by a leopard. 

Phapale, who was originally from Belapur, had travelled to Kalwadi for a yatra to see his relative Rohidas Genbhau Kakade. Yesterday, Rudra’s mother returned to her village, and this unfortunate incident occurred this morning. His mother Bhagyashree Phapale sobbed as the boy succumbed to a leopard attack.

It was about 8:30 in the morning when Rudra was playing outside the house. As he approached the cattle next to the house, a leopard suddenly attacked and grabbed him.

The sugarcane field next door is where his body was discovered. The forest department’s officers and staff arrived at the location after being notified of the situation. To put an end to the leopard assaults, the locals are requesting that the Maharashtra Chief Minister and the Forest Department give this issue their full attention.

  • A young woman in Pimpalwandi was attacked by a leopard two days ago, resulting in significant injuries. Pimpalwandi and Kalwadi are just 3 km apart. 
  • Additionally, a three-and-a-half-year-old boy from Umbraj was hurt in a leopard assault two months ago. 
  • A leopard assault killed the shepherd’s son from Shiroli a month ago.

In Junnar, domestic animal deaths from leopard attacks have been a long-standing problem. Additionally, the farmers were working with the forest department. However, there has been a surge in leopard assaults on people, endangering little children with terrible consequences. The locals say that an immediate and lasting solution is required. Local villagers and farmers also voiced their dissatisfaction and worries about the absence of basic facilities from the government in such areas. 

The incident was unfortunate and I had earlier demanded the forest department to install a cage at Kalwadi to catch the leopard. They ignored it and even after this incident, the officials of the forest department did not appear here soon. This shows that the forest department is not paying serious attention to these incidents.- Tushar Vaman (Sarpanch, Kalwadi)