Pune Activist Calls for Proper Road Leveling, Manhole Covers, and Tarring After Road Repairs

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The Pune Municipal Corporation has recently taken up the work of levelling the manhole chambers. But the work has received criticism at many places in the city the work has resulted into a big risk for motorists. 

Pune citizen activist Qaneez Sukhrani has demanded that the road should be properly levelled after drainage work is done, proper manhole covers must be installed, tarring of road should be done too effectively. 

As per further information shared by Qaneez Sukhrani, she has written an email stating, “Considering the levelling of roads & manhole covers, I would ask you if this kind of process is acceptable to you as Chief Engineer of PMC’s Road Dept? What is of concern is why do citizens have to raise issues such as this when public funds are being used? Should there not be more accountability by concerned staff to monitor the contractor who is not at all concerned ? ”

Qaneez Sukhrani further shares “I wish to point out that PMC themselves had confirmed (on 14th March 2024) that a drive would be undertaken in all wards to level manhole and chamber covers with road levels as part of maintenance work. And that ward-wise tenders worth Rs. 10 crores had been opened for leveling of manhole & chamber covers & lids with roads, for completion of this activity pre-monsoon. An excellent decision. However, when a fresh layer was being laid as in this instance, should it not have included close supervision & monitoring that manholes & chambers were in level with the road level? Why should another process be involved for this??”

Recently, Qaneez had criticized the drainage work happening on a road in the Kailash Supermarket Chowk area in Viman nagar too Recently- 

Qaneez said that the whole road had been closed because of this drainage work. There are no police around to manage the traffic, so the contractor’s workers are doing that job instead.

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