Pune Airport reaches 1 million flyer mark on Jan 31 through DigiYatra

International cargo services to be restored from Pune airport 

Pune Airport reaches 1 million flyer mark on Jan 31 through DigiYatra

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Over 1 million flyers have used DigiYatra to travel from Pune airport on 31st January 2024.

As per further information from the X handle of Pune Airport “Pune Airport has reached the milestone of 1 million passengers traveling through DigiYatra on 31.01.2024. With appreciation from flyers, AAI Pune is always striving hard to provide better services and experiences to Passengers.”

Here is another interesting read about DigiYatra:

The number of passengers using ‘DigiYatra’ at Pune Airport has increased. With around 57 percent of passengers using ‘DigiYatra’ –

The Pune Airport Authority installed terminal gate scanner machines on March 31, 2023, so that passengers do not have to queue up to reach the terminal. After testing the facility on four thousand passengers, DigiYatra service was started. In the initial period, the response from passengers was very low. Even some airlines did not respond to this. 

Later, along with passengers, various airlines also started preferring DigiYatra. A lot of time is saved as passengers can access the terminal in just a few seconds. Passengers do not need to wait in queues for check-in. Therefore, the number of passengers using the ‘DigiYatra’ service is increasing.

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