Mumbai Pune Expressway : Enhanced Surveillance with 400 New CCTV Cameras 

Mumbai Pune Expressway : Enhanced Surveillance with 400 New CCTV Cameras
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In an effort to curb the rising number of accidents and ensure adherence to traffic rules, the Pune-Mumbai Expressway will see the installation of 400 new CCTV cameras, beginning April 1. 

The decision comes as a response to the significant increase in accidents and frequent violations of traffic regulations by motorists on the expressway.

The comprehensive surveillance system aims to closely monitor and penalize drivers who breach traffic rules.

Violations such as speeding, failure to wear seat belts, roadside stopping, and overloading vehicles will incur fines for every kilometer traveled. 

The initiative seeks to enhance road safety and encourage drivers to adhere to traffic regulations on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution and strictly follow traffic rules, as the intensified surveillance aims to reduce accidents and promote responsible driving practices. 

The implementation of these measures reflects a commitment to enhancing overall road safety and ensuring compliance with traffic norms on this major expressway.

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